Counterfeits are not just for Christmas!

Counterfeits are not just for Christmas!
November 30, 2018 Beth Chiles
tamper evident label from Tamper Technologies

Think about it. We all buy goods throughout the year from trusted suppliers. Believing that we are receiving the genuine goods. However, many brands from Nike, Dyson, Apple, Calvin Klein and Superdry are suffering from counterfeiters diverting and replacing their goods, and counterfeits at Christmas time is unfortunately increasing.

Over £1.5m worth of counterfeit goods were seized by UK border officials last December, the theme of “risky whisky” and perfume that “smells like sick” sadly continues this season.

Brand owners and logistics companies can now take simple steps to secure products and packages. Protecting consumers from the dangers and disappointment caused by these counterfeiters.

This security solution is available from Tamper Technologies, in the form of a tamper evident label on the product packaging itself, these tamper evident labels provide a hidden message, that when removed alert the consumer that the product has been opened and therefore may have been replaced, or is in fact a counterfeit item.

These labels can be designed to expand the impact of your brand. Or repurpose a label already in place with a call to action or a QR code, which encourages interaction with your brand. Or, simply state SECURITY with a sequential number specific to that product for traceability. Tamper evident tapes can be applied to cardboard cartons, as well as pallet wrap for outer packaging protection whilst in the supply chain. The self-adhesive tape can be applied both automatically and manually.

Tamper Technologies are a Queens Award Innovation winner who manufacture specialist security tapes and labels for businesses globally and have experience and expertise to offer to companies looking to protect themselves from counterfeiters. Get in touch with them for a confidential conversation.

Leave the counterfeiters stuck with a lump of coal this Christmas, use tamper evident tapes and labels to protect your products and packages!