We understand supplying artwork can be a bit of a minefield so we try to keeps things as simple as possible.

We will create the artwork for your labels and tapes manufactured by us. When we generate your artwork we will give it a unique Design Reference (DR) number that will be specific to this individual product only.

Our DR’s are essentially a part code allocated to this specific TAMPERTECH product for you.

We send PNG proofs of the DR via email and require approval prior to the job being passed for print. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that the proofs are correct for layout and content.

No spelling or grammar check will be undertaken by us, as the fonts will have been outlined prior to upload and therefore can’t be edited.

Colour may vary on monitors and therefore the proof cannot be used to guarantee colour.

Colour Matching

We print in CMYK, so we aim to match colours supplied as closely as possible to your pantone.

File Formats

These are our accepted file formats from Adobe Illustrator:

  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .vector

Artwork not supplied to our requirements will likely render an unsatisfactory result and delay your order. If you’re unsure about the artwork you have, please check with us beforehand to ensure there are no complications.


Any barcodes you want on the product are recommended to be placed on a white background to ensure success when scanning it, especially for smaller barcodes.

Talk to one of our Customer Support Team or contact us via email


The fitness for purpose of each security label and tape continues to drive innovation at Tamper Technologies. Here are some options to consider:

Permanent Adhesive – this is useful when you want to leave a visible mark on the application surface to show the label has been removed Tampertech security bag tape with thermochromic ink security voiding

Non Residue, Peelable Adhesive – this is useful when you do not want any residue to be left on the application surface.

Low Temperature Performance Adhesive – this adhesive allows labels to be applied to products which will be subject to low temperatures (food products, drugs etc…)

High Temperature Performance Adhesive – dependent upon the application, a range of high temperature performance adhesives are available

Reversible Thermochromic Inks – these temperature sensitive inks are useful as they make the label interact with the consumer by changing color (with cold or heat) and then reversing back to the original color (eg.part of the label turns blue when your beer is at the correct drinking temperature!)

Flexibility and versatility is vital to the success of tamper evident labels and tapes, therefore, Tampertech offers a wide range of technologies within manufacture to create individual, intelligent tamper evident labels and tapes to achieve the optimum security solution for you.

A few more options for you to consider:

Irreversible thermochromic inks, Photochromic inks, Glow in the dark Inks , DNA inks, Barcoding, Sequential numbering (both sub surface and surface), Holograms, Metallic foils, Security die cuts, Customer specific text in the voiding and surface messages…

Innovative tamper evident label technology from Tampertech





For more information on Tampertech solutions available for you requirements please contact us


Answering the following questions is a good place to start to ensure that you select the best tamper evident tape or security label for your application:


  • What would you like the label or tape to stick to? paper, card, glass, metal, plastic, polythene, shrink wrap…
  • What are the surface conditons like?  smooth, textured, flat, curved, oliy, clean, soft, hard…
  • What is the product application? CIT, evidence protection, cargo shipping, mail order, product integrity…
  • What environment will the label/tape be exposed to? hot, cold, inside, outside, wet, dry…
  • Does the label/tape need to be permanant or non residue?
  • Want your own checklist? click here or visit our Downloads page

 Customer CHECKLIST 2018

Tamper Technologies manufacture a standard range of tapes and labels but if you would like a more individual security solution here are some other questions for you to think about

Customisation options:

  • Would you like to include your logo?
  • What language would you like?
  • What colour would you like?
  • Would you like numbering?
  • Would you like a barcode included?


  • What size label would you like? length and width
  • What length of tape would you like? standard rolls width 50.8mm x length 50m

For more information or a quote please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions

Non Residue Label

What is a Permanent, Full Transfer label or tape

Permanent, full transfer tamper evident labels or tapes delaminates completely on the surface of application and leaves a permanent mark behind.

Used on parcels, packaging, pallets, envelopes and plastic packaging

Covert, Plain Tape

ADR121v4 showing applied, Voided and trying to reapply

What is an Overt Tape or Label

An Overt tape or label is where the tape or label has an obvious SECURITY message on the surface and may also have sequential numbers too, providing additional security through tracing the parcel.

Overt tapes and labels deliver a clear, highly visible security message that it is a security tape. Deterring opportunistic pilfering and product tampering.

Check List

These questions are a simple guide to help prevent unforeseen problems.  The list is not exhaustive, but should be a good place to start

Shrink Wrap Polyethylene bags Wood Painted surfaces
Paper Aluminum Cartons Other:
Plastic Corrugated cardboard Pallets
Metal Glass Crates


What would you like the label/tape adhere to? ___________________

What are the surface conditions like?

Smooth  or Clean
Textured  or Oily
Flat  or Sticky
Curved  or Non-sticky

What is the product application?

Sealing aircraft doors Cash machines
Money bags Medical appliances
Security vehicles Medicines
Drawers Shipping purposes
Other, please describe:

What environment will the label/tape be exposed to?


Does the label/tape need to be permanent or non-residue?

Do you have a sample of an existing label/tape?


Do you want to include your logo? _____

Please attach it as an illustrator/vector file

Would you like a void message?

If yes, what message ______________________________

Any language options?

Please provide wording ________________________

What color would you like?

Is the label/tape machine or hand applied?


Would you like the label to have a barcode?

Would you like the label to have a quick response code (QR CODE) ?

What is a Non Residue tape or label

Non residue tapes and labels do not leave any VOID/OPEN message on the surface or adhesive residue.

Used on aircraft doors, hatches, cupboards, gas pumps, draws and much more.

Permanent Full Transfer

What is a Covert Tape or Label

A tamper evident label that looks like a plain tape or label until its is removed, where it then reveals the security message VOID OPENED, SECURITY STOP has no obvious signs that the tape is tamper evident minimizes attention to a package during shipping.

Overt Tape

What is Surface Tension

All Surfaces have Energy

Tamper evident products; tapes and labels are only as effective as the surface they are applied to.

The surface condition must be considered: roughness, smoothness, porosity, coated, uncoated, cleanliness, flexibility, temperature conditions, wet or dry, and finally the energy of the surface.

All surfaces have energy associated with them, because work is needed to form them. These are the forces that are required to hold the molecules together to form the surface, whether it is a desktop or a cardboard box.

Surfaces are referred to a low energy or high energy.


Low Surface Energy

These surfaces are hydrophobic, which means they hate water.

If the water droplet has a high angle from the surface it demonstrates that the surface doesn’t like water and is therefore hydrophobic.

A hydrophobic surface has a low energy with the following properties:

  • Poor Adhesiveness
  • Poor Wettability

Low energy surfaces are typically acrylic, plastics, rubber and composites.

These surfaces are harder for labels and tapes to stick to.


High Surface Energy

These surfaces are hydrophilic which means the surface likes water.

If the water droplet has a low angle from the surface it demonstrates that the surface likes water and is therefore hydrophilic.

A hydrophilic surface has a high energy with the following properties:

  • Good Adhesiveness
  • Good Wettability

High energy surfaces are typically glass, cabinets and car paint.

Labels and tapes stick well to hydrophilic surfaces


  1. provide an extra level of security, instantly upon application
  2. simple to apply
  3. can be used for brand protection, theft reduction and protection against counterfeiting
  4. cost effective solution
  5. help clearly identify assets for maintenance and operational purposes
  6. improve tamper resistance by making tampering more difficult and more time consuming
  7. provides an individual, customised solution
  8. can seal an area, pallet, package or product after authorised checking has made secure – saving time and money!
  9. additional product branding opportunities with colours as well as overprinting with logos and marketing messages
  10. deliver added security with unique numbering for logging and tracking, as well as preventing fraudulent label replacement