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  • Genuine Product Protection

    When you have invested in your brand, you can now deliver genuine product protection using Tampertech tamper evident security labels and tapes.

    Tamper Technologies provide innovative security tape andtamper evident label solutions for genuine product protection: Perfume | Aftershave | Alcohol | DVD’s | Rechargeable Batteries | Cigarettes | Tobacco | Pharmaceuticals | Electronics | Cosmetics … and many more Layered brand security is now available for you; providing strong visual proof of tampering if the seal is broken, leaving a clearly visible warning message. This provides you instantly with a new layer of security adding to your genuine product protection. Features:
    • Sub-Surface printing – not many people can do that!
    • Holograms
    • Thermochromic ink systems that change colour with temperature
    • Photochromic ink systems
    • Metallic inks and cold foil systems
    • UV Fluorescent ink systems
    Protecting packaging as well as packages for more information on Tampertech security labels please contact us
  • tamper evident labels from Tamper Technologies

    Mail Order Packaging Security

    Mail order packaging security is becoming more important to businesses daily.

    Online shopping is a growing part of any retail business with e-commerce and online shopping forecast to increase by a further 8-12% across all sectors, National Retail Federation Tamper evident security seals are being used on courier bags, plastic envelopes, postal boxes and parcels to increase mail order packaging security and reduce shrinkage. These security seals are being applied by suppliers before shipment to the customer to protect goods in the delivery chain, and as part of the returns package for application by the customer if the goods are being returned to the supplier. The use of tamper evident seals in mail order packaging security works well, as they are highly convenient, cut down on queries and are hassle free. The use of tamper evident labels is also increasing theopportunity to brand goods beyond the sale and is being used by as part of the wow factor when the purchase arrives on the doorstep. To find out more about mail order packaging security solutions from Tampertech please contact us.
  • tamper evident label fro use on pallets
    tamper evident label fro use on pallets

    Pallet Security Label

    Pallet security labels are designed to protect pallets in transit which are vulnerable to theft and tampering. Tampertech pallet security label is a permanent tamper evident label, designed to protect the banding or strapping of the pallet whether poly or metal strapping.

    Preventing manipulation of the strapping and removal or pilferage of the inner cartons on the pallet. One label that can protect four cartons intersecting on the side of the pallet as well as the top of the pallet. The label can be applied anytime in the transit stream; at the shippers, distribution center, cross dock etc., over or under the stretch wrap. The pallet security label has a writable area for Shippers name, Facility information, Bill of Lading/Manifest, number of pieces on the pallet and can be overprinted with sequential numbers to provide identity and chain of custody in transit. To see for yourself CLICK HERE The individual details on the labels ensure they can not be copied and used inappropriately. Label options: •    Overprinting message available including customer logo, special alpha/numeric text, bar codes… •    Target areas for RFID and Temperature Logger coverage •    Red Label dimensions: •    220mm x 220mm For more information please contact us.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical packaging and containers demand packaging integrity to be protected against the increasing threat of falsified medicines and counterfeit medicines.

    Permanent tamper evident labels from Tampertech do this, cost effectively and efficiently. Packaging is a critical tool to ensure product safety. Tampertech tamper evident labels are also used for product authentication, theft reduction and protection against counterfeiting. Tampertech security labels can also be used to add another dimension to product branding through logos, slogans and colors. This helps the end user understand that this product is a genuine item and the contents are as they left the manufacturer. To find out more about how tamper evident tapes andsecurity seals can protect your pharmaceutical packaging please contact us.
  • Sea Container Tamper Evident Seals

    Sea container tamper evident seals help maintain container integrity by protecting against the insertion of unauthorised material and/or people and the removal of the cargo from pilferage and theft. This high tack permanent can be applied to a sea container to act as an indicator that container integrity has either been maintained or breached. This label is an ideal solution for situations where a standard tamper evident bolt seal cannot be applied. When removed this label will show an OPENED/VOID warning message. These labels also VOID when slit with a knife. The receipt function tabs are also tamper evident and can be used within for Bill of Lading or shipment for easy monitoring and can be overprinted with sequential numbers, bar codes for quick scanning, specific text messages and can be written on with a biro. The individual details on the labels ensure they can not be copied and used inappropriately. These sea container tamper evident seals can be applied to ocean containers, truck trailers, air freight cargo containers as well as drums and barrels. Label options: •    Overprinting message available •    Red as stock, any color on larger orders Label dimensions: •    9cm x 32cm with two receipt tabs 9cm x 2.5cm each Packaged in packs of 100 To find out more please contact us
  • Security Seals for Evidence Integrity

    Tamper evident security seals applied to evidence bags and containers ensure evidence integrity from crime scene to court room is protected.

    Tampertech security labels and tamper evident tapes are suitable for use by all law enforcement agencies from CSI teams, State police, Highway patrol, Prisons, Military authorities, Homeland Security and commercial organizations. Tamper evident security seals are used to ensure that areas, containers, electronics, vehicles, doors and evidence bags are kept secure and remain secure through the handling and storing of items to not jeopardize the evidence integrity. The security seals and strips from Tampertech use unique numbers which can be logged against records for cross referencing for the inventory of the evidence. To find out more about our security seals for evidence integrity please contact us.