Tamper Evident Linerless Labels

Tamper Evident Linerless Labels

Tamper Evident Linerless Labels

This security tape, reference DR357, is known as a roll of linerless labels – as it has no liner paper which reduces packaging waste and is perforated every 6″.

The linerless label solution from Tampertech is easy to apply, environmentally sustainable by reduces packaging waste by 100% per roll.

Choosing linerless labels increases roll capacity by 50%, which delivers extra advantages in the reduction of shipping, carriage and storage costs – you get more labels on your roll – therefore more bang for your buck!

This tamper evident permanent red tape has sequential numbers and perforations every 6″, making this a label without a liner therefore a linerless label. The numbers add to the uniqueness of each label and therefore to the security delivered.

The Tampertech linerless label range is available in standard and bespoke options from specialist security and packaging distributors.

To discuss your personal requirements please contact.

To see the linerless label in action click here TamperTech red permanent linerless labels